Florida CSE Crosses the State to Educate Voters on Medicare and Prescription Drugs

“All of you should be members of CSE, they are a great organization and they do it right all the time.” – Jim Stelling, Seminole County Republican Chairman

Florida–Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy (FL CSE) traveled the state this week to educate voters and decision makers on the competing Medicare and prescription drug plans offered by the two presidential candidates, Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. FL CSE spoke to over 350 Republican activists in Seminole County, South Brevard, Winter Park, and Coconut Grove. FL CSE Director Slade O’Brien and Grassroots Director Joyce Malone conducted CSE’s Medicare presentation, distributed CSE’s Medicare farecards, t-shirts, educational booklets, lawn signs, and asked each participant to go out in the field and make a difference in this presidential election.

FL CSE Director Slade O’Brien conducts CSE’s Medicare presentation to attendees in Coconut Grove

CSE Precinct Walks–FL CSE has proven once again that it is the premier grassroots organization in the state. Recognizing the importance of the Medicare and prescription drug debate in this year’s election, FL CSE’s Grassroots Manager, Carlos Muhletaler, and three FL CSE activists hit the pavement to conduct precinct walks in Dade County and Western Boca Raton. FL CSE took to the streets in order to deliver the message that “Al Gore’s Empty Promises Aren’t the Prescription America’s Seniors Need.” FL CSE distributed over 500 bags containing CSE’s Medicare message to the homes in the area, bringing the total bags delivered during precinct walks to 1,000.

Medicare event attendees

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