Florida CSE Highlights the Medicare and Prescription Drug Debate

“Finally, something we can actually use.” – Sharron Greenhouse commenting on the Medicare power point presentation, fair card, and booklet.

Palm Beach, FL – Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy (FL CSE) once again demonstrated why they are the premier grassroots organization in the state. Before nearly 150 members of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee (REC), FL CSE Director Slade O’Brien gave a presentation highlighting the contentious Medicare and prescription drug debate. FL CSE, with its signature trademark of taking on and not backing down from tough issues, educated the committee with a power point presentation which explains the Medicare system and the prescription drug issue, and differentiates the two presidential candidates’ Medicare plans. O’Brien kicked off the meeting by letting the audience know – “if we aren’t educated and ready to talk about this issue, we will lose.”

Taking on the Debate – Preceding the power point presentation, all the attendees received FL CSE’s easy to use fair card that gives a glimpse of the Medicare and prescription drug debate along with CSE’s “What Is Washington Doing with Your Medicare” educational booklet. Slade O’Brien then followed up the fair cards and booklets with his Medicare power point presentation. Highlighting the notion that Al Gore’s empty promises are not the prescription America’s seniors need, O’Brien then went into detail comparing and contrasting the two plans proposed by presidential candidates Gore and Bush. Throughout the presentation, O’Brien emphasized that we need to reform Medicare by introducing more competition and choice, not a one size fits all government program. Similar presentations will be given before several audiences in targeted FL districts.

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