FreedomWorks Activists Win on Mulvaney and Pruitt

FreedomWorks activists got two big wins today. The Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee approved Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R-Okla.), and the Senate Finance Committee approved Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.). These nominees are now headed to the Senate floor for confirmation.

“Our activists know how important the confirmation of Attorney General Pruitt and Congressman Mulvaney are to limiting government spending and the costly regulations of unelected bureaucrats,” FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon said. “FreedomWorks let senators know this was important to our activists by key voting their confirmations. Their votes will appear on the 2017 FreedomWorks Scorecard. And our activists voiced their opinions directly to the senators in large numbers. And we won the first round in the respective committees.”

FreedomWorks activists sent over 50,000 emails and made over 7,000 calls to Senate offices supporting AG Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA.

FreedomWorks activists made over 40,000 contacts with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) after his hostile questioning of Rep. Mulvaney and his appearance on national television voicing his opposition to Rep. Mulvaney’s confirmation.