FreedomWorks Applauds Committee Approval of Fiscal Commission Act

“We applaud the House Budget Committee for voting to approve the Fiscal Commission Act in a bipartisan fashion. Some of the arguments we heard against the creation of a commission, frankly, didn’t make any sense. A handful of Members wanted guarantees that Social Security would be protected in the recommendations that a commission produces. The Board of Trustees for Social Security projects that the Social Security Old-Age and Survivors Trust Fund will be depleted in 2033, at which point the trust fund will be able to pay only 77 percent of scheduled benefits.”

“The entire point of creating a commission is to protect the very people who currently receive Social Security benefits. Doing nothing, as some Members seem to prefer, would mean benefit cuts. We’re tired of the political messaging. We need to have an honest, adult conversation with the American people about the looming insolvency of Social Security and Medicare. We absolutely must ensure that we protect current beneficiaries of these programs and those who will receive benefits within a reasonable timeframe, but we can’t hide the fact that our debt is skyrocketing.”

“Congress adds $1 trillion to the debt every 140 days. We’re at the beginning of a death spiral. Congress has to find a way to pull us out of it. The Fiscal Commission Act provides the process. It’s up to Congress to take the issue seriously. Getting the bill through the Budget Committee is only the first step. The Fiscal Commission Act has a long way to go. We urge Speaker Johnson to put this bill on the floor as soon as possible.”


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