FreedomWorks Applauds PA State Senator’s Stand Against Tax Hikes

In a statement released July 1st, Pennsylvania state Senator Dominic Pileggi has come out on the right side. Mr. Pileggi, who serves as Senate Majority Leader, is proposing a more fiscally responsible approach to Pennsylvania’s budget woes.


The State Senator’s 700-word statement comes amid the state’s revenue shortfall of $3.3 billion. To offset state debt, Governor Rendell and other Democratic leaders have put forth legislation that would amount to further government funding for more state government programs. Tax hikes—including a 16.3 percent, or $1.5 billion increase on personal income tax—would ensue. But Mr. Pileggi remains steadfast in enacting a responsible state budget by “reducing our [government] spending to match levels of available funds.”


Mr. Pileggi intends to either keep taxes as is or lower taxes during these extraordinarily difficult times. As Mr. Pileggi has pointed out, these are not the times to place such heavy burdens on the backs of hardworking Pennsylvanians.


FreedomWorks is glad to see state Senator Pileggi fight against big government. It is now up to Governor Rendell and House Democrats to do the right thing. Pennsylvania simply cannot afford what the Governor is proposing. In fact, Governor Rendell said it best himself in an interview on May 3 with the Harrisburg Patriot-News: “This is a bad time to raise taxes because any tax increase hurts the level of spending. So I am philosophically against raising any taxes.” It’s time for the Governor’s actions to meet his words.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe praised Pileggi’s efforts: “When we act like us, we win. When we act like them, we lose. State Senator Pileggi statements show he is committed to the fiscally responsible path in the long-run.”