FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon Comments on Mick Mulvaney’s Committee Vote

After the Finance Committee’s vote on Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) for director of the Office of Management and Budget, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon released the following statement:

“FreedomWorks’ activists are excited about Rep. Mulvaney’s passing the Senate Finance Committee. Democrats must stop obstructing Rep. Mulvaney’s nomination and let him come to the floor for a vote. If we have any hope of putting America back on the course, we have to address the severe fiscal problems that face our country and economy. Continuing to delay this nomination only serves to set us back when there is real work to be done.”

“And while we were pleased to see Sen. McCain vote to move Rep. Mulvaney’s nomination out of committee, we urge him to support President Trump’s choice for this crucial department on the floor of the upper chamber.”

FreedomWorks activists sent over 40,000 messages and over 2,000 calls to Sen. McCain’s office since his hostile questioning of Mick Mulvaney and voiced opposition on national television last week.