FreedomWorks Co-Sponsoring Taxpayer Tea Parties Across Oregon

On April 15th limited government activists from across the country will participate in over 500 tea parties, with 19 scheduled in Oregon.   The tea party movement began in response to corporate and mortgage bailouts, the $1 trillion dollar debt stimulus plan, and President Obama’s $2 trillion dollar budget deficit.  April 15 is the focus of the next round of tea parties, when Americans come face to face with the costs of bloated government and runaway spending.
Oregonians will rally across the state.  FreedomWorks has joined leading taxpayer watchdog groups such as the Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Taxpayer Defense Fund, Oregon Citizens For A Sound Economy PAC, Common Sense For Oregon, Oregon Patriots of, Oregon Contactors Association, We Surround Them, 9-12 Project, Oregon Tea Party, Concerned Oregonians, Americans for Prosperity, and the Campaign for Liberty.

This state-wide tax day rally will feature taxpayers, legislators, policy experts, and local talk radio personalities.

At the Taxpayer Rally at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem,  confirmed speakers include Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli, Senator Larry George, Senator Jason Atkinson, House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna, Representative Matt Wingard, Russ Walker of FreedomWorks, and  Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

Russ Walker, NW Regional Director for FreedomWorks, commented:

“This taxpayer revolt has sprouted up from the grassroots and is just getting started. Oregon taxpayers are angry at what they see in Salem and Washington, DC and they have decided that  enough is enough.  The taxpayer tea parties will gives activists a chance to sound off against out-of-control government spending and send a message to legislators: tax and spend politicians beware. This grassroots energy and activism is just the beginning of taxpayers organizing to stop big government.”