FreedomWorks’ Statement on Fourth Quarter GDP Report

Following the release of a report that showed an anemic 0.7 percent economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore commented:

“Earlier this month, President Obama proclaimed that the economy had recovered from the Great Recession. In reality, as today’s report shows, the economy is still struggling to grow. The growth gap between Ronald Reagan’s recovery and Obama’s recovery is now $3 trillion. The reasons for this poor recovery are higher taxes, crippling regulation, and the raging river of red ink flowing from Washington under this administration, which, after seven years of failed policies, refuses to change course.”

“The only way America is going to see its full economic potential is pro-growth policies like tax reform that encourages investment and regulatory reform that will get bureaucrats off the backs of business owners. These policies will give Americans a much-needed wage boost, create jobs, and grow the economy.”

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