Soundbite: As the politicians debate the annual budget resolution, they need to remember that despite the devastating effects of September 11, Americans remain committed to fiscal discipline. In an effort to further their own political aims, many Members of Congress use this process as an opportunity to push unnecessary, pork barrel projects. Further, some members of Congress, such as Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), want to pay for their bigger spending appetites by increasing Americans’ tax burden. He has already called for repealing portions of the tax cuts that President Bush signed into law last June; we cannot let this tax increase happen. Members of Congress need to know that they cannot get away with spending billions of dollars of your hard earned dollars on more unnecessary government programs and raising taxes on Americans.

Summary: Throughout the month of March, Congress will be debating the annual budget resolution. This process creates a template to determine how much our government will spend for the year and how much of our hard-earned money the government will allow us to keep. The President has put forth a solid budget that reins in profligate spending while keeping our national priorities and provides important tax relief. With budget deficits looming, instituting fiscal reform has become monumentally important. September 11th dramatically changed some priorities, including homeland defense, but we also found that there were many politicians that wanted to use the tragedy to further their pork barrel spending. To add insult to injury, now members of Congress want to raise taxes to help offset this new spending.

Call to Action:

Call or write your Member of Congress and let them know that you want a budget resolution that reflects America’s priorities NOT those of Washington politicians. They should be focusing on funding those programs that represent a national priority and not creating all new programs to further a political career.

Let them know that you will oppose any attempts to raise taxes and want the Bush tax cut made permanent.


Make President Bush’s Tax Cuts Permanent.

The tax cut recently signed into law was the first sizable tax cut for Americans in a generation. Putting more money into peoples’ hands is the best way to ensure economic growth. Unfortunately, members of Congress are now clamoring to raise taxes so that they can spend more on big government programs. We need to call on legislators to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.

Inject Some Sanity into the Budget Process.

Before September 11th, the president promised to hold the budget to a modest 4 percent increase. Unfortunately, the September tragedy has diminished budget limitations and opened government coffers. America’s new focus on fighting terrorism and protecting homeland security will make instituting any kind of limitations difficult. Regardless, politicians must hear from voters that they cannot spend tax dollars on programs that are not priorities. Public expenditures should be used to allow the federal government to perform its basic functions, not for the benefit of a select few with political connections.

Hold Members of the Congress Accountable for their Spending Outrages.

Citizen activism is the only way to get your congressional leaders to care about spending restraint. If politicians know that the average citizen is watching and will want to know why they are taking money out of the federal coffers for pork barrel spending, they will think twice.


Write your legislators and let them know what you think about pork barrel spending

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