Michigan CSE Meets Key Candidates and Policymakers Cheney, Engler and Greeted McCain in Plymouth Michigan

Plymouth, MI – As a key battleground state in the presidential election, Michigan Citizens for a Sound Economy (MI CSE) has been actively traveling across the state to educate and mobilize grassroots activists on important issues that could decide the outcome of this year’s election. MI CSE traveled to Plymouth MI this past weekend to greet Vice Presidential Candidate Richard Cheney, MI Governor John Engler and Senator McCain in order to show their support for real Medicare and prescription drug reform.

MI Gov. John Engler poses with CSE’s Sharkman and “Empty Promises” T-shirt

In front of a crowd of over six hundred Republican activists, MI CSE and CSE’s “Sharkman” (CSE’s mascot who touts the need for civil justice reform) distributed educational material on the Medicare and prescription drug debate. Attendees were eager in accepting the CSE’s Medicare and prescription drug farecard that compares the two competing Medicare and prescription drug plans proposed by Gov. G.W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. MI CSE also distributed dozens of “Empty Promises” T-shirts to those willing to wear them at the event.

MI CSE Deputy Director, Bill Turenne, distributes
CSE’s “Empty Promises T-shirt.

As election day nears, MI CSEwill be canvassing the state, appearing at major events and anywhere the candidates will be stopping. MI CSE will educate and mobilize grassroots activists on the Medicare issue in order to get the message out – “Al Gore’s Empty Promises Aren’t the Prescription America’s Seniors Need.”

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