NC CSE Activists (and Sharkman) Big Splash at Campaign Events

Hamlet, North Carolina—Sharkman joined CSE activists Monday at a rally for U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes that included Senator John McCain, Rep. Lindsay Graham (MI) and Rep. Tom Davis (VA). Sharkman was recognized from the stage by both Robin Hayes and John McCain at the 250-participant rally. “We’re glad to have Citizens for a Sound Economy and Sharkman with us here today,” said Rep. Hayes. McCain said “There’s Sharkman! I tell you, he followed me all over New Hampshire and I’m always glad to see him.” The moment even got emotional when Senator McCain approached Sharkman and tenderly confessed “Sharkman, I love you.”

Senator John McCain: “Sharkman, I love you!”

Durham, North Carolina—At an election eve “Get Out the Vote!” rally sponsored by the state Democratic party CSE Director of Technology Policy Kent Lassman visited with attorney general-elect Roy Cooper. Lassman said, “We told everybody that we could get our hands on about your positions on the role of the Attorney General…” Cooper responded by saying “I hope you know how much I appreciate all that you’ve done. You guys have been great. I think you’ll find that I will bring a balanced approach to the issues.”

Sharkman and Representative Robin Hayes

Precinct walks—During the past several days, CSE staff and volunteers visited 3,250 houses and delivered several thousand pieces of literatures, pounded in hundreds of yard signs, and spoke to countless voters in Cabarrus, Lincoln, McDowell, and Union Counties. This final push brings the total number of houses visited by CSE the past few weeks to over 30,000.

Raleigh, North Carolina—35 North Carolina citizen activists attended the Raleigh CSE monthly club meeting on Thursday. At the meeting, North Carolina CSE Director Chuck Fuller gave an inspiring talk on how CSE made the difference in moving attorney general candidates Don Boyce and Roy Cooper toward CSE’s positions on the issues.

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