The Senate Must Vote Yes on Historic Rescissions Package

WASHINGTON, DC – FreedomWorks supports passage of the historic rescissions package that is being considered by the senate this week. The Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act, H.R. 3, would rescind $15 billion in unobligated funds. The senate must revive rescissions as a tool to eliminate government waste and take away the opportunity for Congress to resort to gimmicks by using unobligated funds as spending offsets.

Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks, commented:

“It’s time now for Senate Republicans show some fiscal responsibility and pass the rescissions package. The passage of this bill is a step forward in reigning in the out of control spending in Washington and will go a long way to reviving the rescissions process that has been curiously absent for the past 17 years. The senate needs to show the American people it can work.”

The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 allows the president to request that Congress rescind previously appropriated funds. All presidents from 1974 until 2000 utilized the rescissions tool. The White House is right to revive this tool after nearly 18 years. The passage of H.R. 3 will build the legislative muscle memory necessary to bring back rescissions as a commonly-used tool of fiscal responsibility.

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