Stop Governor Rendell from Taking More of Your Money!

The battle over Pennsylvania’s budget continues this week as Governor Rendell and state legislators have yet to come to an agreement. Pennsylvania lawmakers rightly rejected the governor’s initial budget, part of his “Plan for a New Pennsylvania” in March and so far the state is without a real budget.

Governor Rendell’s plan calls for an astounding 4% increase in personal income tax that reflects his inability to manage the state’s budget responsibly. If the governor has his way Pennsylvania’s taxpayers will be hit by $3.2 billion in more taxes! Governor Rendell has made the claim that if personal income taxes are increased then a relief in property taxes will follow. However, he has not guaranteed how much relief there will be or even if there will be any! The only thing for sure is that Pennsylvanians will be paying more of their hard earned money to the government only to watch it be squandered in mismanaged programs.

According to the Commonwealth Foundation, a person earning $50,000 currently pays $1,400 in state personal income taxes. Under Governor Rendell’s new plan that person would be subject to pay the state $1,875 in personal income taxes alone!

It is not too late to prevent Governor Rendell’s “Plan for a New [Over-Taxed] Pennsylvania” from being stopped. It is important that the taxpayers of Pennsylvania contact their state legislators as well as Governor Rendell to voice thier opposition to such a horrible and regressive tax plan. Get involved by calling CSE’s Member Hotline at 1-888-564-6273 to be directly connected to your legislators and to the governor’s office and also send them a personalized E-mail message by clicking on the link below.