Texas CSE’s Civil Justice Reform Pledge

Texas CSE recently sent the following pledge to all Texas State House and Senate candidates. For a look at who has signed the pledge, please click here.

Citizens For A Sound Economy

Commitment to Reforming Texas

System of Civil Justice

1) Whereas: Under Texas’ current legal system teachers are afraid to maintain discipline in school for fear of lawsuits.

2) Whereas: Under Texas’ current legal system a person can be sued and made to pay for damages they did not cause.

3) Whereas: Texas’ current legal system accommodates a culture where people will not take responsibility for their own actions.

4) Whereas: Governor George W. Bush signed legal reforms that are helping put Texas’ legal system on the right track.

I Pledge To Support Legislation:

1. That returns fairness and responsibility to Texas system of civil justice.

2. That provides for an interlocutory appeal of class action certification.

3. That creates a civil justice system that is respected, not feared, by the average Texas voter.

I Pledge to Oppose:

1. Any legislation that attempts to dismantle, weaken or change in any negative way, the civil justice reform package signed by Governor George W. Bush and passed by the Texas legislature.

2. Any procedural attempt, in committee or on the floor, to stop civil justice reform from passing.

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