Reading bills is for suckers.

The suckers in that statement clearly refers to the conservative Hill staffers and Congressmen who stayed up all night trying to stop this thing.  Oh, and the American taxpayers who have been going to and will be paying for whole boondoggle.  Because judging by today’s turn of events, to take time to do the responsible thing is wholly unnecessary and completely passe.

Here at FreedomWorks, we’re getting calls from people who are shocked Congress would be so irresponsible as to vote away our economy on such a massive scale without even reading it.  Some are declaring they’re going to go read it themselves!  That is great – the public should get to read each bill, in its entirety, and comment (!) before it hits the floor.  No one had such an opportunity in this case.  The groups around did everything they could to inform the public about what lay between those pages, but when powerful Congressmen who have pricey projects to hide throw up every roadblock – just simple transparency is difficult.  This, of course, is the height of irony as President Obama campaigned on transparency and promised to shed light on the process.

By now, everyone has probably seen House Minority Leader John Boehner’s courageous statement on the floor this afternoon – its on top of Drudge as of this posting.

But everyone should also watch RSC Chair Tom Price point out the ethical dichotomy between an unanimous vote that said the bill would be publicly posted for 48 hours, and being expected to vote on a 1,073 page document little over 12 hours after it was kinda-sorta made public.

Amanda Carpenter brought this great clip to my attention over at