VIDEO: FreePAC Blogger Press Conference With Senators And Candidates

One of the privileges afforded the writers on Bloggers Row at FreePAC on July 26 was the opportunity to attend a “press gaggle” after the event. We had the opportunity to head down to the arena’s catacombs for press availability with Sen. Jim DeMint, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Rand Paul, Senate Candidate Ted Cruz from Texas and Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock from Indiana.

Here is the video of that event. (Technical note – please excuse the audio difficulties. There was a ton of background noise and this was taken on my cell phone.)

Highlights include:

  • A unanimous prediction of victory for Ted Cruz in the primary and general election
  • A hat tip from Richard Mourdock to new media and grassroots activism, and the similarities between his primary and that of Ted Cruz
  • Jim DeMint’s strong assertion that Obamacare will be repealed if conservatives take the Senate and White House
  • Mike Lee responding to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s criticism of outside groups in the Texas Primary … and Jim DeMint’s statement that “every senate race is a national race”.
  • Rand Paul addressing whether he will be Mitt Romney’s VP pick
  • …. and, Jim DeMint saying that the Senate is no place for geniuses.

FreePAC blogger press conference July 26 2012 from Jeff Reynolds on Vimeo.