Inflation has hit Americans in the pocketbook, and it is no wonder that a majority of Americans now believe that cutting spending is the key to a healthy economy–a view which economic conservatives have long held.

Clara Del Villar, FreedomWorks Director of Senior Initiatives

“FreedomWorks Foundation’s Center for the New Majority exists to study and analyze free market ideas and visions in the context of America as it exists today and how we, as a movement, push forward to promote those principles. Our Center for the New Majority helps in our mission of breaking down barriers between grassroots America and Beltway politicians, by allowing us to most effectively share the message of freedom with the American people.


  • Develop a principled policy agenda that resonates with the American population.
  • Develop, produce, and promote stories across various media platforms to promote the principles laid out in the agenda.
  • Provide real-time information on changing demographics, perceptions, and messaging.”

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