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Federal Budget Resources for Activists and Journalists

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Fiscal Cliff

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Debt Ceiling

Chart: Why Default Won't Happen

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Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling

Big Spenders -- Not Tea Party -- to Blame for Credit Downgrade

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The SENATE "Clean" Debt Hike HR325: How They Voted

FW to SENATE: Key Vote "No" on "Clean" Debt Hike HR325

The HOUSE "Clean" Debt Hike Bill HR325: How They Voted

FW Key Votes "No" on HOUSE "Clean" Debt Hike HR325

FW to HOUSE: Key Vote "No" on "Clean" Debt Hike HR325

House GOP: "No Budget Plan, No Debt Hike"

End the Debt Ceiling Shenanigans [No to a Clean Debt Ceiling Hike]

CHART: FreedomWorks Busts Myth of Debt Ceiling and "Not Paying Our Bills"

FW Issue Analysis: Ceilings and Shutdowns

Obama's Debt Ceiling Claims Debunked, Line by Line

There Is No National Debt [There Are Many]


Federal Budget Resources for Activists and Journalists

Your Guide to the National Debt (Series)

CHART: Federal spending and receipts in one image (FY 2013)

CHART: Who REALLY Increased the Debt?

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks's Vice President for Public Policy.

Ron Doublertree

It's not a "great" debt ceiling debate. Are you kidding me? Any realist knows that Boehner and his crew don't want to limit the growth (or actually reduce the size) of government.

Neither party is interested in solving the financial problems of this country. Why? Because everyone wants the government to live within its means *except* when it comes to what I want. Nobody is willing to give up their preferred manifestation of big government.

Liberals want free contraceptives and subsidies for the lazy.
Conservatives want a huge and active world-dominating military and subsidies for their parents and grandparents who willfully neglected to save for retirement.

Until the conservative constituency figures out that we can't have SSI or Medicare,, and that we can't afford a Militaristic nation we have no argument against socialism.

And that's what it comes down to. Our Washington Republicans aren't against socialism. They're just want their ideas of socialism.

Donald Harper

Also posted elsewhere for obvious reasons.
Any and ALL law enforcement reps from said states please LEAVE that state Immediately!!
Call any state who supports our 2nd Amendment rights law enforcement agencies to see if they will take you in an give you guys a job. Send these left wing elitist sycophants a REAL message that law enforcement personnel from said stats will NOT tolerate this EXTREME VIOLATION of the Constitution they SWORE to protect. You OWE it to yourselves, to the Constitution AND the people you SERVE to GET out!! I hope many from Law Enforcement see this. Anyone else who reads this please stand with me in calling ALL Law Enforcement to abandon those states that CLEARLY violate our constitutional rights.

Jeff Strode

Here is a WhiteHouse-gov petition to freeze the debt ceiling: Please encourage everyone to sign that petition too as it will send a message to Congress.


I am praying that God will put in the minds of every part of the United States Military to create a coup to fire Mister Obama, his ”Justice” Department, and every individual involved with them. I pray our Military will take this action to go back in time where we are “That Nation under God for Liberty and Justice for All”.
Place them all under arrest for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”; and
Create a tribunal for that purpose and re-institute “The House Un-American Activities Committee.
I am praying that every true blooded American will join me in this prayer. Please repent of any sins you may be committing or committed and remember His Words of :
2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Richard D Gregory Sr